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Eyes on the Prize


Graduation is an exciting time of year for students and their families.  All the students have worked hard (as have their parents) and they all deserve to be proud and to celebrate their accomplishments.  Participation in our graduation ceremony is not a right, but rather a privilege. 

In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, students must:

  • Attend all assigned classes regularly.
  • Have fulfilled all district graduation requirements
  • Demonstrate good deportment: no major discipline issues at school or at any school function, such as Prom or senior picnic. 
  • Attend and participate in the graduation rehearsal. 


We, at East Bay Arts, look forward to a memorable and meaningful graduation ceremony.

Senior Activities/Info

Important Senior Dates and Times



Date/ deadline

Senior Portraits @ Kurt Burton Photography

($30 sitting fee, packages available)


Mandatory Senior Meeting (graduating seniors and their parent/guardians)


Cap & Gown order forms & $25.00 (includes: cap, gown, tassel, diploma, diploma cover & 4 tickets) $12.00 diploma cover


All submissions into Yearbook

Ø  Baby pics

Ø  Dedications


Graduation Speech – Submission of written text



Senior Picnic


Last day to submit any extra credit for any classes other than those that students are currently enrolled in, i.e. all G9 –G11 courses.  This includes Odyssey work. 


Teacher grades due for ALL 12th grade students



Last day of scheduled classes


Friday 6/8/18

Mandatory Graduation rehearsal


 Tuesday 6/12/18

Graduation -

Friday June 13, 2018

 at 7:30 PM

Transcript Pick-up day – all seniors will get 2

free transcripts (one mailed to a school of choice and one official hard copy) after that all transcripts are $5.00

Available 6/15/18


** Please stay informed and connected to your student’s academic performance during their senior year, we want ALL our seniors to graduate prepared to attend college or enter the world of work. 


Graduation Logistics


  • All seniors that are participating in graduation MUST get to East Bay Arts at 7:00 PM, Friday, June 16th for the ceremony.  We are meeting in room 921.


  • Additional tickets will be for sale in the office (from Lorine Bakowsky) at 2:00 on Friday, 6/16.  People will be able to buy tickets at a time for $10.00 each, toddlers through adults need a tickets


  • Even small children will need a ticket.  Only tiny newborn babies that are in arms can get in without a ticket (this is because of the Fire Marshal regulations – we do not want to get shut down). 


  • The graduation is a formal ceremony, it is not the party!  This is your ceremony and it is for the entire class of 2017.  You can throw/host your own party on your own time.


Here are some tips about the ceremony:

  • No balloons, air horns, big flower arrangements,
  • Audience members should not hold anything that will block the person’s view sitting behind
  • No sound makers or anything that will cause a disruption 

Senior Picnic

The senior picnic is arranged by the teachers every year.  The location is a surprise. 


Come prepared!  

There is no charge for the senior picnic.  

Graduation Costs

June 11th at 7:30 p.m. will be EBA graduation.

Senior costs (cap, gown, tassel) is $25.00     Tassel only - borrow Gown $12

Graduation tickets: every graduate gets 4 at no cost and extra tickets are $10.00 each based on availability and will be for sale at 2:00 PM the day of graduation. 

All other senior products are not sold and/or required by the school.

Yearbooks & Graduation Photos


Yearbooks are on sale in the EBA Library .

Prom Info/Rules

2015 Prom Location and Price To Be Announced -- STAY TUNED

Prom Rules:

Must be paid in advance

Open to all seniors at  EBA 

Open to all 11th graders at EBA

Guests must be under 21 years of age on the date of the prom and they must have a guest pass approved prior to purchase of their ticket.

EBA Calendar

Today: 6/17/18
PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night! PROM Night!
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