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What Classes Am I Going To Be Taking?


Listed below are the typical programs at each grade level required to meet graduation requirements and the UC/CSU a-g entrance requirements.  Individual student programs are tailored to meet the needs of each student.  The EBArts schedule allows for six classes in a student’s program each year with the potential of earning 12 credits in each class.


Because we are a small school, the only foreign language we offer on campus is Spanish.  Students who are interested in studying other languages should consult with the lead teachers or counselors about language classes at Chabot College or other educational institutions.  In ecent, some East Bay Arts students are enrolled in German, Japanese, and American Sign Language.


9th Grade Program

Comprehensive English


Math (e.g. Algebra)

Physical Education

Spanish I (recommended)

Survey Courses*

Electives (one period)

After school dance and theatre


10th Grade Program

Comprehensive Literature –


Math (e.g. Geometry)

Physical Education

Spanish II (recommended)

World History


Electives (one period)


11th Grade Program

Comprehensive English 11 - American Literature

Chemistry or Physiology

Math (e.g. Algebra II or Trigonometry)

U. S. History

Electives (three periods)

Concurrent classes @ Chabot


12th Grade Program

Comprehensive English 12

Math (e.g. Calculus)


Electives (four periods)

Concurrent classes @ Chabot





Elective Courses Offered in 2010-2011


Foreign Languages

Spanish I, II & III



Vocal Music

Beginning Instruments

Pit Orchestra

Beginning Digital Music (after school)

Advanced Digital Music (after school)



Art Survey*

Set/Street Art

Drawing & Painting


Yearbook (after school)

Digital Photography



Beginning Acting

Advanced Acting

Drama as Literature



Digital Arts

Essential Computer Graphics*

Office Applications

Digital Photography


*Introductory, trimester-long, survey course for 9th grade students.  Courses at Chabot College may count as electives.  Students must complete at least one college course as a graduation with honors requirement for EBArts.