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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

East Bay Arts

Graduation Requirements

Class of 2017


A student must earn 240 total credits to graduate from East Bay Arts High School.  Students are required to pass the CaHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) in both English Language Arts and Math.  Each student must also earn credits in the following academic course areas:


40 credits of English


30 credits of Social Studies

            10 credits of World History

            10 credits of U. S. History

            10 credits of U. S. Government and Economics


30 credits of Mathematics including 10 credits of Algebra

Students who have not passed the CaHSEE Math need to continue taking math until they pass the exam.


30 credits of Science

            10 credits of Life Science

            10 credits of Physical Science

            10 credits of General Science


20 credits of Physical Education


20 credits of Fine Arts/Foreign Language


20 credits of School to Career/Vocational Education


65 credits of Electives


5 credits of Health


Additional graduation requirements:

1. 40 hours of community service (20 during 9th & 10th grade, 20 during 11th & 12th grade)

2. One college level course: concurrent enrollment at Chabot